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Averee Chifamba

Saddlepeak Birth

Call 406-599-3152
Email saddlepeakbirth@hotmail.com
Website saddlepeakbirth.com

Who do you work with?

“I work with families in the Gallatin Valley who are expecting a child or have recently had a child. I specialize in services surrounding birth and the postpartum periods.”

What do you do for them?

“I offer a variety of services to make sure that each family has a birth and postpartum journey that is empowering and positive. I offer birth doula services, birth photography services, placenta encapsulation, breast milk jewelry, and childbirth education. Each family has unique needs, so I surround them with the opportunity to choose what services would make their birth and postpartum process the best it can be.”

Why do you do what you do, particularly as it relates to surrogacy/growing families?  

"All too often women feel violated through their birth process. They feel abandoned during their postpartum journey. They are left feeling like they were robbed of their "motherly" power during birth. I want families to know that they are powerful and capable. Both mother's and father's have such an incredible authority in the birth space. I want them to know that they were made to birth as families made to grow stronger together. I love providing a space where mother's are reassured that their bodies were made for birth and their birth stories, not matter what they look like, are special and amazing. I want women and their families to know that they are loved surrounding birth and their postpartum journey. I provide a space where birth is fun and normal."

What is Your favorite part of your job? 

“I love watching parents become mother's and father's over and over again. I love the sparkle in their eyes when they meet their babies. I love watching women blossom into mothers in a powerful way. The authority father's embody when they are given back their family and their voice in the birth space in unexplainably amazing. It is just an honor to be invited to walk with so many amazing families as they grow.”

What is your favorite memory or story from working at your job?

Each birth is so special. There is no way I could pick a favorite. However, being birthed as a mother and watching my husband become a father with our own daughter was the most life changing event that my heart has ever experienced. That day I was birthed as a birth worker and as a mother.

Want more info? Call Averee at 406-599-3153 or email Averee at saddlepeadkbirth@hotmail.com.