How to Become a Surrogate in Montana

Montana is known as the “Big Sky State” and is host to some of the greatest national parks in our country (Glacier and Yellowstone are the most famous, but don’t forget about the *seven* other National Parks in Montana!)    It is also often referred to as “the last best place” for many reasons. We love to think of Montana as a best place for surrogacy, too!

Gestational surrogates take the embryo of a couple (or individual with the help of a donor), keep it safe and help it grow for nine months and then present it back to its overjoyed and loving parents.  Gestational surrogates are not genetically related to the child they are carrying, which means IVF techniques must be used.  Is there anything more pioneering and open than a woman willing to embrace modern technology and reach out and help another family in need?  Plus, who is more of an expert about being pregnant than a woman who has done it before?


I don’t know about your past pregnancies, but mine were full of physical exertion.  By the end of my last pregnancy even tying my shoes required an effort that left me breathless.  It’s impressive work growing a baby and your body works hard while you do it.  Luckily, Montana Surrogacy, LLC -- the only surrogacy agency that focuses just on Montana surrogates -- is there to support their surrogates every step of the journey.  We have an office in Bozeman but our support extends statewide!


The simplest answer is that women who step forward to give this monumental gift LOVE being pregnant.  They love their family and the joy it brings to them; but as they are done building their own family, they want to share that joy with someone else.   What could be more exciting than helping a family that is unable to carry a child on their own bring a precious baby into the world?  And even more exciting?  Base compensation for first time surrogates starts at $40,000.  Gestational carriers use their compensation to help achieve many of their family goals.  From funding their children’s college funds, to saving for a down payment on a long desired home, to going back to college themselves, the reasons are as varied, unique and wonderful as they are!  Surrogates have the biggest hearts, love being pregnant, and genuinely want to help people.


Acting as a Gestational Surrogate is no more dangerous than any regular pregnancy (which, to be fair certainly can have complications) but just as rewarding.  We work very hard to protect both our surrogates and our intended parents with full screening and expert matching, to smooth the road for your journey.  The best risk?  Bringing extreme happiness to others!


Montana Surrogacy, LLC is always looking for generous and adventurous women between the ages of 21 and 40 who have completed their own family but are interested in providing the greatest gift possible.  We don’t look for perfect exterior physique; it’s what is inside that matters!  We love to talk surrogacy and no question is off limits!  You can fill out our online application; it only takes a few minutes and we’ll call back within 48 hours and talk to you about whether you qualify.  If that feels like a step too far, reach out directly to us via email at or phone at 406-233-6365

Montana isn’t referred to as the last best place for nothing: It has the best people!