Families are Created Through LOVE

Everyone deserves to have a family. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy: couples and individuals struggle with infertility and some couples don’t have all of the parts biologically needed to make a child. Montana Surrogacy is inclusive of all intended parents and we pride ourselves on being an LGBTQ-friendly surrogacy agency. You can come to us and know that you will be met with respect.

We believe that families are created through love. We also understand that it’s not as simple as the saying “love is ALL you need.” The intended parents that come to us have usually been through a lot emotionally, physically and financially. Some of the intended parents don’t have legal equality in the state or country they reside in.

Our experience in the field of surrogacy can help make the road ahead a little smoother. We have built relationships with LGBTQ-friendly fertility centers. We are connected to Montana attorneys who know Montana surrogacy laws and can secure your rights to be named on your baby’s birth certificate from birth. Our role at Montana Surrogacy is to ensure fairness to all parties.

If you have already found a gestational surrogate, Montana Surrogacy offers concierge services tailored to you and your needs to provide support and advice through the entire journey. If you haven’t found a gestational surrogate, we can match you with a surrogate for your specific needs.

As the case manager at Montana Surrogacy, I have first hand experience being a gestational surrogate for two dads. I gave birth to the first baby born in Montana with two dads on the birth certificate. I have a soft spot for LGBTQ-headed families. Your sexual orientation should not be a deciding factor if you can become a parent. Everyone who wants a family, deserves to have one, and we’d love to help you do just that!

Amber Campanelli ~ The Honest Surrogate