How to Afford a Gestational Carrier in Montana

For some intended parents, gestational surrogacy is out of reach. The costs associated with surrogacy are well above what most people have on hand. Most of the IPs who become parents via surrogacy don’t have to borrow money from a financial establishment. If you can’t afford surrogacy out of pocket, here are some options for you!

Financing: Some lending companies will work with IPs to finance surrogacy. Most agencies can point you in the direction of a lending company that they recommend.

Ask for advice: Join surrogacy meet-ups or facebook groups to meet other IPs who have been through the process or are currently going through it. Experienced IPs will be able to share with you how they did it and what not to do.

Know the costs involved: Most agencies and fertility clinics have a cost estimator. Once you know the costs involved, you can come up with a plan and a budget.

Health insurance & benefits: Some insurance companies and employee benefits packages cover the costs of IVF in order to create a family. Contact your insurance company and HR department to see what is covered. The IPs insurance and benefits often don’t cover the costs associated with the surrogacy itself. Finding a surrogate with health insurance that covers a surrogacy pregnancy can cut costs. You can also purchase a supplemental insurance policy that covers a surrogacy pregnancy for your surrogate.

Amber Campanelli ~ The Honest Surrogate