Insurance Tricks or Treats

Fall brings some pretty great things:  Crisp air, falling leaves, the first few early snow storms, pumpkin spice everything (ok, that one is up for debate as to great or ick…).  It also brings open enrolment season!

Insurance can be difficult enough when you are just looking at it for yourself, but add gestational surrogacy to the mix and most people would rather get a root canal than deal with it.

But never fear, there are plenty of options this time of year (and even some if you are reading this January through September!).  If you are unsure whether your gestational carrier has surrogacy friendly insurance we highly recommend that you have her policy professionally reviewed.  Several companies, such as ART Risk Solutions, New Life and Whillock Insurance Services can provide professional reviews for a reasonable fee.  Yes, it’s one more expense in the midst of a very expensive process, but for the comparatively small fee, it is worth the peace of mind.  If the policy is found to be surrogacy friendly, that’s great news!  But what if it isn’t?

Open enrollment has already begun in all other states by November 1.  Many (most!) states have insurance policies available through the exchange that are surrogacy friendly, but can vary from county to county within the state.  How to wade through what is on offer is the true question.  Your insurance professional should be able to help you find the perfect fit – companies such as ART Risk will undertake a search and consultation with you for a reasonable fee.  But act fast!!  Open enrollment closes in almost all states on December 15 (yes, including Montana!).  In nine states open enrollment doesn’t close until even later, so you have a little bit longer if you have a gestational carrier located in those states. 

But what if you are looking for insurance outside of open enrolment, what then?  There are options, although costs may be higher.  Most surrogacy insurance brokers sell a policy that is commonly referred to as the “Lloyds of London policy.”  It’s definitely not inexpensive, but can be far more flexible and convenient as it is issued for the term of the gestational surrogacy agreement (thus isn’t subject to annual max out of pocket potentially over multiple years) and has no networks to worry about so your gestational carrier can see whichever provider she chooses and go to whatever hospital she would like with no worry about her doctor being covered.  There are other options that can be explored as well, such as Bridge the Gap policies or even cash pay negotiators. 

Yes, insurance can be difficult, but armed with knowledge and the assistance of professionals there is hope that your surrogacy will be smooth sailing!  As always, we are more than happy to talk you through the options, sign up for a free consult today!