Gay Parenting Myths Debunked

Montana Surrogacy prides ourselves on being welcoming to ALL parents. No matter your gender or sexual orientation, you can come to Montana Surrogacy and get treated with the utmost respect. We have gestational surrogates from all walks of life. Unfortunately, not everyone is as accepting of the gay community as we are. Below are some gay parenting myths that I want to put to rest.


"...children raised by gay parents tend to be more accepting of diversity, which, in my opinion, the world needs more of."

— Amber Campanelli, The Honest Surrogate

Kids need a mom and a dad.

We all know families with both a mom and a dad. Some of them have good parents and some of them maybe not so good. Just because a child has a woman and a man as parents doesn’t automatically mean the child has good parents. Kids just want to be loved and cared for. They don’t care what gender or sexual orientation their parents are as long as they are good parents. So, no: kids don't have to have a mom and dad.

Gay parents raise gay children.

Ummm, no, that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works! There’s a lot of research proving that this is not true. I repeat, there is NO evidence to support this claim. The research however does show that children raised by gay parents tend to be more accepting of diversity, which, in my opinion, the world needs more of.

Gay relationships aren’t as stable as straight relationships.

Once again, there is no evidence supporting this. Actually, studies have shown that gay couples and straight couples that live together both have the same amount of stability. 

Gay people are more likely to be sexually abusive.

This just makes me angry. There was one study done by an anti-gay activist who skewed the results to make this look true. This study has been discredited by the research community. Gay people are NOT more likely to be sexually abusive.

Surrogates don’t want to carry a baby for gay intended parents.

It’s true that some gestational surrogates will only carry for heterosexual couples. BUT, many surrogates actually request to be matched with gay intended parents. Some carriers are willing to carry for anyone, whether they are single, straight, gay, and so on. I am one of those surrogates who wanted to carry for a gay couple. My dream came true and it was a fantastic experience. I am proud to report that the baby I carried has amazing parents and is thriving. 

Studies have shown that children raised by gay parents have equally good outcomes as children raised by a mother and a father. Good parenting isn’t measured by gender or sexual orientation. All you need is love.

Amber Campanelli ~ The Honest Surrogate  

Montana Surrogacy is passionate about supporting the gay community in growing their families.