Finding a surrogate in Montana

Montana, Big Sky Country, or as us Montanans like to call it: the most beautiful place on earth. The secret of Montana's beauty is out and our mountain towns are filling up. Bozeman, where I reside, has made dozens of top 20 lists in the nation: one of the most vibrant art communities in the country, among the best small towns in America, one of the safest towns in the country, one of best places to live in America, #2 on the dreamtown list. You get the point, it's an amazing place to live.

So, why would you want to find a surrogate in Montana? Well, surrogates living in this beautiful state tend to lead active, low stress lives. The outdoor activities are endless. My husband moved here in 2001 for the world class fly fishing (and college). I just read this article that made me realize why he is so happy and calm after going fly fishing: Cast a Wider Net: Is Fly Fishing the New Yoga?  I fell in love with Montana for the hiking. I can't get enough of the trails where you often don't see another person. There are breathtaking views of waterfalls, valleys and lakes from most of the trails. Don't even get me started on the skiing. People from all over the world come to Montana to ski at Big Sky Resort.  Locals chat about which celebrity they ran into in town, some have built second homes here and some come for vacation. Of course I have yet to run into Justin Timberlake while shopping at Target. I believe my time will come ; ) 

The most common traffic jam you'll encounter in Montana is when you have to wait for wildlife to cross the road. I have lived all over this country in small towns and some big cities; Minneapolis, Denver & Washington D.C. When I moved to Bozeman the first thing I noticed that was very different from all of the other places I lived was how kind the people are. When you walk down Main Street in Bozeman, people smile at you and say "Hi". People seem genuinely happy to live here. I never encountered this in any other place I have lived. 

Montana's slogan is; "Last Best Place." It sounds like a great place to grow a baby, doesn't it? If you plan to visit your surrogate for appointments or attend the birth you can make it a vacation. We have some amazing National Parks in our state; Yellowstone National Park & Glacier National Park. If you are looking for a surrogate who lives in this beautiful state, contact us at Montana Surrogacy and we'll be happy to guide your through your journey! 

Amber Campanelli ~ The Honest Surrogate