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Who do you work with?

“Pregnancy through postpartum, parents, babies, and children.”

What do you do for them?

Reiki & Pregnancy: An Ideal Preparation
All pregnant mamas have fears and emotions brought to the surface by pregnancy. This may relate to your partnership, parenting, birth, your upbringing, and changes within the body. Reiki helps address the fear of change (past, present, and future) by releasing old emotions and thought patterns to support and accept what is, become clear what you want, and communicate effectively to your partner and birth team. 

With regular Reiki sessions prior to birth, your body, mind, and spirit are in sync and ready to birth. Because you have done the emotional work around your fears of birth, labor may be easier and less complicated.

Reiki & Birth: Oxytocin Enhancer
Labor can also be an excellent time to receive a Reiki session. Oxytocin, the love hormone, naturally progresses labor when the body is not overwhelmed with adrenaline which is instigated by the fight and flight reflex. Reiki helps the body and your emotions relax so oxytocin can do its work.  

Reiki & Postpartum: Repair Mode
Reiki is a wonderful tool to help the body heal and repair after birth and great for “stressed” babies too. When both mother and baby are relaxed, bonding occurs, milk comes in more easily, and you feel nurtured and supported. (Also, great for stressed out partners!)

Reiki is a wonderful way to support your emotional processing around pregnancy, birth and postpartum, while also supporting the physical body changes.”

Why do you do what you do, particularly as it relates to surrogacy/growing families?

“Reiki is a wonderful complementary therapy for the surrogate working through emotions around the surrogacy process. I spent 5 years as a student midwife and attending nearly 100 births. I trained as a Reiki practitioner at a Birth Center in 2002. I now attend births as a doula and combine my two passions (Reiki & Birth) through Sacred Birth Coaching.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“Allowing my clients to come into their truth, their passions, and their clarity.”

What is your favorite memory or story from working at your job?

“Offering Reiki to a first time mom and feeling that she was emotionally ready for labor after numerous sessions working through fears. A few hours later her water broke and she had an easy 7 hour labor with Reiki support!”

How do people get in touch with you/start working with you?

“I have clients first to look at my website and then give me a call to discuss possible options at 406-404-9139.”

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