Any day now!

I am 2 days out from being 36.5 weeks along! That’s the magic number because that’s when the Bozeman Birth Center will allow me to give birth at their facility. Before that, I am required to go to the hospital. My first child was born at the Bozeman Birth Center just over 10 years ago. I felt so safe and at home there that I decided to go with them again as my care provider this time around. After having a homebirth, birth center birth and hospital birth, I have a pretty good idea of where I feel the most comfortable.

I made it farther in this pregnancy than I did with the last surrogate baby. I have been on progesterone suppositories since week 20 in hopes it will keep him in longer. The intended parents and I have been prepared for weeks just incase he decides to come early. My birth bag is packed, the breastpump arrived, and I have several large bags of food and drinks ready to throw in the car. Labor and birth are the hardest workouts I have ever endured so I eat and drink a ton throughout the process. I also have a very large bottle of champagne to celebrate with friends and family after the birth. My birth plan is complete and sent out to the birth team. My daughter even wrote her own birth plan, which is mainly a to-do list for when I go into labor. Everyone is ready!

I’m enjoying the waiting and excitement this time. My water broke spontaneously at 34 weeks last time, no warning signs. Nobody was prepared, nothing was packed and it was chaos to get everyone to the birth. I felt so frazzled and not ready, but babies have their own timelines and we have to go with it.

As far as how I’m feeling…I feel huge! I am waddling and breathing heavy. My husband said I sound like I’m exercising in my sleep because of how heavy I am breathing. There’s just not enough lung room! I have been dilated since week 30. I was at 3cm at week 34. I have a lot of pelvic pressure and joint pain. I have gained over 50 pounds so far so it’s no surprise that all of my joints hurt! My kids and husband help me put on my socks everyday. So, physically I feel ready to be done but mentally I want to keep him in a little longer.

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Amber Campanelli ~ The Honest Surrogate