Assisted Reproductive Technology for Gay Couples

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is the term used to describe the technology used to achieve pregnancy using procedures such as fertility medication, in vitro fertilization and surrogacy. Thanks to ART more gay couples are able to have biological children.

Gay male couples often use assisted reproductive technology by using donated eggs from a family member, friend or an anonymous or open door egg donor. Sometimes gay couples choose to use the egg of a relative of one of the men and sperm from the other man so the child is biologically related to both of them. Sometimes the donated eggs are inseminated with one or both of the male’s sperm. Some gay couples choose to transfer two embryos into their surrogate, each one biologically related to each of the men. Some choose to transfer one egg from one biological father to a surrogate and then a few years later they do another surrogacy journey with an embryo that was created with the other father’s sperm.

Lesbian couples often utilize ART through intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donated sperm to grow their family. They can get this sperm from a friend or family member or a donor. In vitro fertilization isn’t as common among lesbian couples but there are couples that make embryos out of one of the mom’s eggs, donated sperm and then transfer it into the uterus of the mom who did not use her egg. This is called reciprocal IVF. Some lesbian couples do use a surrogate. This is rare because the chances of a lesbian couple needing a surrogate are much lower since they have two people who might be able to carry their child.

Traditional surrogacy is also an option for gay couples. Traditional surrogacy is when a surrogate uses her own egg and they are fertilized through an intrauterine insemination procedure. Traditional surrogacy is less common and is not legal in most states. Montana Surrogacy does not work with traditional surrogates.

Not all states have LGBTQ friendly surrogacy laws, even if gestational surrogacy is legal in a state it doesn’t mean the law will protect gay couples. Make sure to consult an ART attorney who is familiar with the surrogacy laws in the state where your baby will be born Some states won’t recognize a gay parent who is not biologically related to the child as their parent. Montana Surrogacy is here to help guide you through this complex process!

Amber Campanelli ~ The Honest Surrogate