Mikaela DiBerardinis

Owner & CEO

Mikaela DiBerardinis Photography

Call 406-451-6054
Email hello@mikaeladibphoto.com 
Website www.mikaeladibphoto.com 

Who do you work with

“Families mostly, pregnant and postpartum mothers and their lifestyle as well.”

What do you do for them

“Photography, in a realistic lifestyle perspective. I document birth stories from announcements to 1-year postpartum follow-up sessions.”

Why do you do what you do, particularly as it relates to surrogacy/growing families? 

“I saw this gap in the system, where mothers are taught to keep birth and postpartum and parenthood a secret. Like we all have to fit into this little box or it’s not right. I love that I can go take photos of families in their real element and at times when they are supposed to be so private. I love to capture photos of woman giving birth, because they forget this strength and these emotions they have. I want to give them something tangible that they can hold onto forever. Not only is this a way for mothers to heal from their own birth experience but it is a way to normalize this time in our lives where so many of us feel so shamed and judged.”

What is your favorite part of your job?  

“Developing relationships with families and truly caring about them. I love that I am allowed to capture such special times in their lives and that I am trusted to be a part of it.”

What is your favorite memory or story from working at your job?

“After shooting a surrogate birth and posting photos from the birth to social media, I had someone private message me about how their views of same-sex marriage and parenting had completely changed and that my photos opened her mind to a new level of acceptance - and THAT was the biggest thing I think I could ever accomplish!”

How do people get in touch with you/start working with you?

“First they inquire via email/facebook/instagram, and then I send them information and set up a time to talk about what they are thinking they want for their birth story. Once we have met and gone over plans and signed contracts, we keep in touch throughout the pregnancy and beyond birth.”

If you’d like more information on Mikaela DiBerardinis Photography, give them a call at 406-451-6054 or visit their website at mikaeladibphoto.com.