Cassie Belzer, CNM, DNP

Cassie Belzer, CNM, DNP at Billings Clinic/Bozeman OB GYNBillings Clinic/Bozeman OB GYN

Call 406-522-9663
Email cassiebelzer@gmail.com 
Website billingsclinic.com

Who do you work with?

“I work with all women in obstetrics and gynecological care.”

What do you do for them?

“I take care of women throughout the lifespan and through pregnancy and postpartum.”

Why do you do what you do, particularly as it relates to surrogacy/growing families? 

“Every woman and family deserves outstanding care, especially women giving an amazing gift such as surrogacy.”

What is your favorite part of your job?  

“Seeing the new parents' faces when a baby is born. It is so fun to see how a baby brings hope, love, and connections to families and friends. I also love to see the babies growing up when their mommas come back to my clinic.”

What is your favorite memory or story from working at your job? 

“One of my favorite stories is the birth of a baby boy that was unplanned to be born in my service. His birth momma was to deliver in another state, but her water broke prematurely. We had to rush the fathers back from NY and China (I think). One dad made it for most of the labor and the other just as the baby was born. It was amazing to see their love for this baby. And just as amazing to see the strength and connection of the birth mom and her husband. I was so lucky to be a part of that whole story; it was fate that she delivered with me.”

Want more info? Call Bozeman OB GYN at 406-587-9202 or email Cassie at cbelzer@billingsclinic.org.