Jessica Cartwright, Founder

Jessica Energy

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What do you do for Jessica Energy?

“I offer yoga classes for prenatal, postpartum, and moms & babies. I also offer doula services for women who come to prenatal classes and feel like having me at their birth would be a good fit.”

Why do you do what you do, particularly as it relates to surrogacy/growing families?  

"In the classes I offer, women learn how to feel more comfortable in the pregnancy and postpartum window, heal from ailments that can arise. It's a chance to find l emotional release, mental relief, and physical relaxation."

What is Your favorite part of your job? 

“Seeing women not want to get up at the end of class because they feel so happy & relaxed! Connecting with women and helping them to feel at home in whatever stage they are at pregnancy/postpartum. And seeing the connections that are made during class, being along other women who get it and making lasting friendships..”

What is your favorite memory or story from working at your job?

“I'd have to say it's connecting with women who then ask me to be at their births as their birth doula. It's such an honor. And being in the room when the baby is born is such a surreal, super intense, incredibly magical moment. I cry every time. So excited of the parents - the pride, the love, the disbelief. It's nothing short of incredible!”

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