Affording Surrogacy

When people hear how much surrogacy costs they automatically assume that you have to be wealthy to grow your family through surrogacy. For some people, surrogacy is out of reach but it's not only an option for the wealthy. Do your research and you might be surprised that surrogacy is an option for you. I'll discuss some ways that people don't have the cash up front to use a surrogate make it work. You'll need to find out the costs ahead of you so you know how much to budget.

  1. Grants: There are multiple grants that intended parents can apply for. One of them is the Pay it Forward Fertility Grant.  This grant can be used toward fertility treatment at a clinic that is a member of The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation’s Family Building Grant TM  provides up to $10,000 per funded family to help with costs of domestic adoption and medical fertility treatment. The Life Foundation is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization and donations directly support providing patient education and grants to those struggling with infertility. The Journey to Parenthood Grant helps couples and individuals dealing with infertility achieve their dreams of becoming parents by providing financial and emotional support along their journey, as well as to provide education and resources. There are even more grants than this out there! Ask your fertility clinic, agency, or join a surrogacy support group to get tips from other intended parents. 
  2. Ask for help: We live in the age of online fundraisers. There's quite a few out there, I think the most commonly known one is .  You can host an event such as a silent auction or community garage sale. Ask people to donate to your auction or sale. You can ask family or friends for a loan. I know asking for help from anyone is hard for most people but you might be surprised who feels compelled to give to your cause. 
  3. Financing: There are lending companies that specialize in financing surrogacy. Ask your agency for a recommendation. 
  4. Lifestyle changes: Some intended parents decide to downsize in order to afford surrogacy. They might buy a smaller home, sell a vehicle, or sell some personal items. It seems silly to downsize right before having a baby but sometimes this is the only option. 

There are other ways to afford surrogacy. Asking parents who have been through surrogacy is always helpful. They have first-hand experience and probably know what not to do the best! Don't be afraid to ask. 

Amber Campanelli ~ The Honest Surrogate